Parts of a Newspaper

Terms that You Need to Know

n     Write down the term and the definition.

n     Using the ESHS Newspaper, label examples of each of the parts of the newspaper that are shown on the screen.

n     Simply put a number on the newspaper and we will move on to the next term.

n     This way, you will know the term, the definition and have a sample to refer to for the quiz on Friday.

Key Terms

n     Byline

n    The reporters/ name at the top of the story

n     Column

n    An area on a newspaper that is a certain width.

n     Credit Line

n    The name of the person or organization that made or distributed the photograph, map, chart or illustration

n     Cutline

n    The lines under a picture that give information about it

n     Dateline

n    The line at the beginning of an out-of-town story that indicates the story’s place of origin.

n     Deck

n    A second headline on a story, printed in smaller type below the headline.

n     Ears

n    Place where information may be found on each side of the title of the newspaper.

n    Flag

n   The printed title of the newspaper at the top of the page

n    Folio

n   Identifies date and place of publication and often the page number

n    Headline

n   Large (display) type placed over a story summarizing the story for the reader.

n     Index

n    Table of contents of the newspaper

n     Jump Line

n    The line telling readers where a story is continued

n     Lead

n    The first few sentences of first paragraph of a story

n     Nameline

n    The line under the photograph identifying the person

n    Promos

n   Information promoting key inside stories

n    Refer

n   Notation inserted into a story refering readers to other related stories

n    Wire Service Credit

n   A news collection and transmission service